Managed IT Services

Reduce downtime while reducing IT costs. You choose which network devices you would like us to monitor and proactively maintain.

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IT Support Services

Leverage our team of engineers
From complete outsourcing to staff augmentation, always have the right expertise available 24/7.

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Cloud Integration Services

Should you move your business to the cloud?
We can help you select the most appropriate cloud solution for you.

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Managed Network Services

Secure remote management of your WAN and VOIP
VOIP, VPN, Internet access, WiFi and Network Security

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The right hardware and software at the right price
Leverage our expertise and buying power to select the right hardware/software platform for you

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Let dpe Systems manage your IT
so you can focus on your core business

Whether you want to reduce IT costs or just stop investing so much time and effort into managing your technology, dpe Systems' Managed IT Services can help.

DePEndable Networking Professionals

Whether you manage a small or medium size business experiencing exploding growth or you manage the network of a FORTUNE 500 Company requiring unique IT Expertise, you know that managing Information Technology can be a challenge. Most organizations cannot afford to employ a dedicated IT staff with the necessary breadth and depth to manage every IT challenge. DPE Systems is here to help your company use Information Technology to be more successful. We have the experience, over 25 years, in all sizes of companies to meet every company's IT needs.

Cloud Services


With cloud services you can increase the business value of your IT through ground-breaking innovation. By migrating to cloud technologies you can provide anytime, anywhere access to workers to boost their productivity. And with cloud computing you can set up new servers in minutes, giving you much greater IT flexibility while avoiding the upfront costs associated with building and scaling your business-critical infrastructures.



DPE Systems specializes in combining voice and data systems to get in touch and share information. Customers are quickly routed to the best resources. Learn how Cisco Voice and Conferencing solutions can make your business more competitive.

Network Services

Test One

Whether on a part-time, full-time or project basis DPE SYSTEMS can deliver experience and expertise on an outsourcing basis. This provides a more flexible, cost-effective solution than hiring a full-time network administrator.

Build your future-ready data center network

Supporting your digital organization will require your network to move beyond just connectivity to become a platform for insights, automation, and security.

Are you ready to upgrade your Data Center Network?

We're here to help you grow, consolidate, scale and adapt.

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Explore the industry's leading switching platform

With Cisco's hardware and software innovations your apps are going to run better and more securely than ever before, while your life becomes simpler through automation.

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DPE sets the standard in highly available, scalable, and reliable platforms that protect, manage and retrieve business-critical information for virtually every enterprise computing environment. An EMC, HP, Dell, and Symantec Authorized Partner, DPE surrounds our partners technology services with our rich knowledge base, comprehensive skills set, professionalism, and consistency of execution.

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