What You Need, When You Need It

The activities required to procure technology-related products can be both labor intensive and highly fragmented. DPE helps our customers reduce the time and costs invested in these acquisition processes. Whether you are implementing a large scale roll-out or just ordering a few computers, DPE sales professionals can recommend the best product at the right price to fit your budget. DPE will recommend and ship any quantity of product, built the way you want it, deliver it accurately and on schedule. DPE uses a world-class distribution system that puts the right product in the right place at the right time with shipping locations across the country and a Tennessee warehouse that will ship until 6PM Pacific Time.

Centralized Configuration Is Simply More Efficient

By using our configuration services, you will enjoy fast, consistent service from some of the most sophisticated facilities in the nation. Simple hardware set-up, software installation, asset tagging, or full drop-ship networking solutions are all available. Our technicians work to simplify on-site installation and set-up. Their efforts will save you both time and money, allowing your staff to devote more of their efforts to system development and end-user service.

Customer Focus

DPE delivers outstanding customer service, technical support, advanced testing facilities and a global outlook to meet your needs. DPE offers the blend of technology and personal accountability to deliver product to you just as carefully as you select it. For years, we listened to what our customers told us. The result is our state-of-the-art distribution process designed to configure and place product with precision.

Some of the Products we work with HERE